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Google launches redesigned ‘Arts & Culture’ app for Android

Google has launched redesigned 'Arts & Culture' app for Android (Pic. Courtesy IANS)

Tech giant Google has launched a redesigned ‘Arts & Culture’ app for Android, with iOS soon to follow.

“The diverse content on the Google Arts & Culture platform– contributed by over 3,000 partners from across the globe– provides a place where everyone can engage with a breadth of diverse cultural contributions and explore their common threads through a cultural lens,” the tech giant said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

To make these partner contributions more accessible and intuitive to explore, the company has made some updates to the mobile app, creating new ways to discover and engage with culture. Now, users can pick between browsing artefacts, cultural stories, partner collections and more, then refine their exploration with many dimensions such as place, topic and creator.

Users can also discover unexpected connections between cultures by tapping an ever-present “cultural flywheel”. “Get a daily dose of culture by swiping through the Inspire feed, an always-changing and personalised stream of cultural highlights to brighten your day,” the company said. The tech giant also introduced a new Play tab that allows users to see from a new perspective with camera tools like Art Selfie and Art Filter.

“We are also launching a new playful experience, Poem Postcards, which invites you to select an artwork then choose from a sonnet, haiku, limerick or more to create an art inspired and AI-generated poem using Google’s PaLM 2 Model,” it added. Poem Postcards is currently available in select countries and can be found in the ‘Play’ Tab on the Google Arts & Culture website and app.

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