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Google Search gets grammar check feature

Tech giant Google has added a grammar check feature to its search engine 'Google Search'

Tech giant Google has added a grammar check feature to its search engine ‘Google Search’.

According to the company, its grammar checker will see “if a phrase or sentence is written in a grammatically correct way or how to correct it, if not,” reports 9To5Google.

Currently, the feature is “only available in English’.

To use the feature, users just have to enter a sentence or phrase into Search along with “grammar check”, “check grammar” or “grammar checker.”

If there are no issues, a green checkmark will be shown in the “Grammar Check” section or card that displays as the first result. If not, Google will modify the sentence and highlight the changes. Spelling errors will also be fixed using this tool.

Also, a “Copy” button will become visible when users hover over the corrected version.

The tech giant warned that grammar checks “might not be 100 per cent accurate, especially with partial sentences”.

Users can also provide “Feedback” if they discover an issue. Grammar check will not be done if “the content might be in violation of Google Search’s overall policies or these policies for Search features”.

This covers inputs that are dangerous, medical in nature, or contain “vulgar language and profanity”.

A support page for this feature first went live late last month, the report said. Last week, the tech giant announced new features in Search to help users keep control of their personal information, privacy and online safety, which includes a feature that alerts users when their private contact info appears online.

Also, explicit imagery — such as adult or graphic violent content — will now be blurred by default when it appears in Search results.