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Kerala’s Green Army leads campaign against single-use plastic during Onam

The volunteers were able to convince people who had come out to avoid bottled water and drink water from their stall (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@greenarmyintl)

While people were enjoying the Onam festivities in Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram, several volunteers of the Green Army had spread out in the city and were busy spreading awareness about waste management and encouraging people to give up single-use plastic. The group was used by the City Corporation and the Suchitwa Mission as they thought Onam was a good occasion to connect with people and make them know about these issues.

About 100 Green Army volunteers have been deployed at Kanakakunnu and other venues for this effort.

This is not the first time this voluntary organisation is leading the campaign against single-use plastic. During the term of the earlier council seven years ago, they had played a significant part in implementation of the green protocol and decentralisation of waste management.

Talking about them, an official of the City Corporation told media persons that their focus is to build awareness among people. Even though enforcement activities are going on, rooting out this menace is a tough proposition. Through this campaign, they expect to make a breakthrough and achieve good results.

A large number of youngsters and members of the National Service Scheme have enrolled in the Green Army. The organisation is provided technical support by Suchitwa Mission who also arrange classes for them about waste management initiatives and methods.

Till now the response of the people has been very encouraging and the volunteers and organisers can feel the change in attitude. Earlier, they were bringing water in plastic containers or buying bottled water but now they have started visiting water kiosks organised by the Green Army.

With youngsters becoming volunteers on their own, the results are better as they are keen to bring about change at the grassroot level.