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Kerala’s first buyer-seller car boot sale to be held in Kochi in Nov

Kochi's car boot sale, the first in Kerala will help small businessmen and vendors to sell their products

Demonstrating an example of innovative thinking, Kochi is all set to become Kerala’s first city to host car boot sale. Popular across the globe, the sale will be organised by the city-based start-up Diagun Ventures in collaboration with Kochi Corporation and Greater Cochin Development Authority.

The sale will be held at the exhibition ground of Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium from November 3 to 5 and later it will become a weekly affair. In order to show how it will work, a demonstration with 11 cars was held as part of the event announcement.

Sharing details about the car boot sale, Philip Pulikkavil, Managing Director of Diagun Ventures said: “It is aimed at facilitating an opportunity to small and medium industries as well as street vendors to sell their products legally. The event also aims to use the stadium more creatively and increase the income from it.”

The MD went on to add: “It will be a golden opportunity for those who are unable to participate in exhibitions by paying lakhs of rupees as rent. If you have a product to sell and also a car, you can take your product directly to the customers in this event. The event will also help reduce to an extent the discrimination street vendors face and also to control the rush in the city.”

Kochi Car boot sale1
The car boot sale will provide a wholesome experience to the visitors as there will be food stalls and performances also for them

It will be held from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and both individuals and institutions can take part in it. As the sale is being held on an experimental basis, sellers will not be charged any fee. Those interested need to apply in advance.

K. Chandran Pillai, Chairman GCCDA commented; “If the event, which is aimed at helping small-scale sellers and street vendors, becomes a success, we will consider continuing with the programme.”

The venue of the sale is accessible from all parts of the city being close to Kochi Metro station. For providing a wholesome experience to the visitors, the organisers will be arranging food stalls and performances by artists at the venue.

Apart from Pulikkavil and Pillai others who were present at the event included Hibi Eden, Member of Parliament, Loknath Behra, Managing Director of Kochi Metro, and Deepthi Mary Varghese, Corporator. The logo of the car boot sale was released by Anoop Menon film actor who handed it over to actor Gouri Nanda.

A flashmob was also presented by students of St. Albert’s College during the event.