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India and UAE to work closely on Tsunami forecasts, seismological services

India and UAE to work closely on Tsunami forecasts, seismological services

The Union Cabinet today approved the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India's Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES).

The MoU provides for sharing of knowledge, data and operational products for meteorological, seismological and oceanic services, such as radar, satellite, tide gauges, seismic and meteorological stations. Exchange of experience/visits in terms of scientists, research scholars and specialists, for the purpose of research, training, consultation, focused on climatic information services, satellite data utilization for now casting and tropical cyclones forecasting is also an essential part of the MoU.

Other key provisions of the MoU include exchange of scientific and technical information related to common interest activities; organisation of bilateral scientific and technical seminars/ workshops/ conferences and training courses on problems related to the fields of cooperation mentioned in the MoU and of interest to both countries; deployment of meteorological observation networks on mutual agreement over Ocean waters and cooperation in the development of special capacities of Tsunami models researches for faster and more reliable forecasts of Tsunamis propagating through the Oman Sea and Arabian Sea which affect the coastal areas of India and North East of UAE.

Cooperation to support the Tsunami Early Warning Centre (TEWC) in the form of forecast modelling software, specifically designed to support the Tsunami forecasting operations and sharing the real-time seismic data of some of seismic stations situated in south and west of India and north of the UAE for monitoring the seismic activities which may generate Tsunami in Arabian Sea and Sea of Oman is also part of the MoU.

The government believes that collaborative participation within MoES (India) and NCM-UAE in terms of activities related to multi-hazard early warning systems and climate resilience can significantly contribute to economic growth in the region. The scientific activities being carried out by the respective Institutes in India and NCM-UAE were discussed during the UAE delegation visit at MoES in 2019.  .