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PM’s Mann Ki Baat: ‘India proved its global leadership mettle at G20’

PM Narendra Modi to inaugurate the Global Maritime India Summit

Addressing the 105th episode of his radio programme, ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday emphasised the potential of the India-Middle East-Europe corridor, announced during the New Delhi G20 summit, as a pivotal trade route for the world’s future economic exchanges.

“India-Middle East-Europe Economic corridor proposed during the Summit will become a basis of world trade for hundreds of years,” PM Modi said.

He said that the new corridor reminds that ancient India had similar great trade route known as the Silk Route. He added that coming generations will feel proud that the IME corridor originated from India.

He also lauded India’s role in making the African Union a full member of the G20 bloc, highlighting the country’s commitment to enhancing its global partnerships.

“India showcased its leadership by making the African Union a full member of the G20 bloc,” PM Modi stated.

PM Modi added that the venue of Delhi G20 — Bharat Mandapam — has turned out to be a celebrity in itself. He appreciated that people are taking selfies with it and posting them on social media with pride.

Prime Minister made a special mention of the way India’s youth power associated itself with the G20. He spoke about the ‘G20 University Connect Programme’ which is going to be held in Delhi. Through this programme, lakhs of university students across the country will connect with each other. Many prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMs, NITs, and Medical Colleges will also participate in it. Prime Minister asked college students to watch this program to be held on 26th September and join it. He said he looks forward to communicating with college students during the programme.

He emphasised the global recognition of Gandhi’s ideas by mentioning world leaders paying homage at his memorial during the G20 Summit. PM Modi encouraged people to participate in a significant cleanliness program scheduled for 10 am on October 1, either in their neighborhoods or public spaces. He viewed this as a genuine tribute to Gandhi and urged individuals to support khadi products. As the festive season approached, he also appealed to the public to remember ‘vocal for local’ and consider purchasing ‘Made in India’ products.

The Prime Minister expressed immense pride in India’s cultural and historical heritage by celebrating two significant achievements. Firstly, he celebrated Santiniketan’s recognition as a World Heritage Site.

Additionally, Prime Minister Modi rejoiced in the inclusion of the Hoysala Temples of Karnataka in the list of World Heritage Sites.

“It is India’s endeavour that our historical and cultural places get recognised as World Heritage Sites. Today, we have 42 world heritage sites and we wish the number will increase,” Prime Minister Modi reiterated, underscoring the nation’s commitment to preserving and showcasing its diverse heritage to the world.

“Two days from now, the 27th September, is ‘WorldTourismDay’. Some people view tourism just as a means of touring and travelling, but a very big aspect of tourism is related to employment,” PM Modi said.

PM Modi said that the successful hosting of the G20 meeting has showcased India’s tourism sites to the world. “Around one lakh foreign delegates visited India during the G20 conference… the tourism is one such sector of business in which a very small amount of investment generates a lot of output. The tourism is not only about business alone, it educates tourists about the culture of the places that are being visited,” he said.

He said that today even Indian music has made its global presence. He was pleased to note that a 21-year-old girl from Germany has become popular on Instagram singing Indian songs. He said Kasmi has never been to India, but she is a fan of Indian music. He said her interest in Indian music is very inspiring. He praised her saying she has not stopped from making extraordinary achievements despite being blind since birth. He lauded her for learning to play the tabla and singing in many Indian languages including Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Assamese.