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From Shimla’s pitch Modi rebrands himself as People’s ‘Prime Minister’

From Shimla’s pitch Modi rebrands himself as People’s ‘Prime Minister’(Image courtesy: Babli Thakur)

A shower of rose petals on his cavalcade on arrival in Shimla—the hill town of the north, his ‘walk the talk’ on the Mall road, a modest 30-minute interaction with beneficiaries from Ladakh to Bengaluru to Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday marked Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s new innings.

Also, as he set out a strong poll pitch in Himachal Pradesh — a state going to polls, along with Gujarat by the year's end, Modi consciously chose a large canvas to talk to the nation from Shimla. This was the moment, perhaps unique in its scale and format, all his cabinet ministers,MPs, State Chief Ministers and MLAs ,besides panchayat representatives (among total of 17 lakh people) were connected through video conference across the country 

Yet, grounded to realities and striking a chord with beneficiaries of flagship central government schemes,the Prime Minister was at complete ease — cool, committed and focused .

The event – ‘Garib Kalyan Sammelan’ at completion of eight years of the central government ,achieved its larger purpose –Branding Modi as People’s Prime Minister ,as well “architect of Modern India.”

At the same time connecting at the grassroots online, the Prime Minister also conveyed the message that by leveraging the power of the digital medium, direct-democracy was now in the realm of possibility.  


“No goal is impossible in front of the capability of us Indians. Today India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Today record foreign investment is happening in India, Today, India’s start-ups are being talked about globally. Even the World Bank talks about India's Ease of Doing Business” Modi said at a mammoth rally, held at the iconic Ridge.

But what Modi really focussed in Shimla was reading-out lakhs of beneficiaries of the schemes, which he believed, has significantly impacted the lives of poor, small farmers, underprivileged, economically backwards and deprived sections, including Dalit women.

Whether it was Tashi Tundup from Ladakh, Lalita Devi from Bihar, Pankaj Shani from West Tripura, Santoshi from Kalburgi of Karnataka,  Arvind from Mehsana Gujarat virtually and with Sama Devi of Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh ,Modi struck a chord ,not alone with the chosen beneficiaries, but with the states, and communities.

“ Has the tourist influx started in Ladakh ? “ He posed an unexpected query to Tashi while a woman from Sirmaur—Sama Devi told the Prime Minister that her life has really undergone a change with financial help ,scheme received to build her home .

“ You must be seeing a lot of guests at home now, “ Modi asked .” It’s not a problem sir, they are all welcome, “ she smiled .

Getting into the electoral mode, Prime Minister, in his speech , hit-out at the Congress governments (pre-2014) when the government had considered corruption as an essential part of the system. The governments had succumbed to corruption instead of fighting it. The country watched the money of the schemes being openly looted before reaching the needy.

“ What was there only –loot khasot (Pilferage /plunder) . But now, every single penny meant for welfare of the people is directly going to the bank accounts of beneficiaries .There is Jandhan scheme ,women have privilege of LPG connections and Ayushman Bharat takes care of medical expenses in case of disease or ailment” he mentioned reminding of initiatives ,directly targeted for upliftment of the weaker sections.

 Modi said the time has changed .

“Good Governance and Initiatives on welfare has changed the definition and meaning of the government. Now, the government is no longer a “maee Baap”(master) of the people but it’s Sewak (servant) of the people,” said the Prime Minister .


On good governance, PM Modi also chose to aptly remind the nation how several development schemes did not see light of the day. These either got over-delayed and remained fund starved .

“ Atki ,Latki and Bhati “ schemes as he referred to policy paralysis during the government regimes that he put on the fast track.

Not only this, Modi also projected himself a greatest performer who discovered the benefits of Information technology ,even cutting down bureaucratic delays and corruption.

"Be it the PM housing scheme, scholarship or pension schemes, with the help of technology, we have minimised the scope of corruption. We are trying to provide permanent solutions to the problems which were earlier assumed as permanent,"  he stressed.

There was also a connection with Himachal Pradesh as he tried to set a poll pitch for Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur ,who he termed as a hardworking leader ,a friend and performer .

“This land has once been my 'karma Bhoomi'. For me this is the land of God, it is a holy land. Talking to the countrymen from here is a programme to increase happiness manifold in itself," said PM Modi.

Modi transferred the 11th instalment of PM Kissan Sammant Nidhi – his flagship scheme to benefit small farmers .

"Right now, the money of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi has been transferred to the accounts of crores of farmers of the country, they have also got the money. Today I have got the privilege of transferring money from the land of Shimla to the accounts of more than 10 crore farmers of the country." said PM Modi.

Not  forgetting that rise to the Prime Ministerial post was just coincidence as he finds himself more with the masses and completely devoted to their welfare ,and empowering the powerless.

In  Himachal ,where a large number of people serve the Indian borders ,joining the army, Modi also reminded them about surgical strike and grant of one-rank- one-pension benefits with an entire amount of arrears that Congress regime could not grant.

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