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Watch: Woman keeps driving SUV despite man clinging to bonnet in Bengaluru hit-and-drag case

Screengrab from the video

In a horrifying incident, a woman kept on driving her SUV despite a man desperately hanging on to the bonnet to save himself in a road rage case in Bengaluru today.

Video footage of the hit-and-drag incident shows the woman, Priyanka, continuing drive for a kilometre putting the man’s life at risk even as two scoomen on two-wheelers chase the vehicle asking her to stop.

In a complaint to the police, the victim, Darshan, alleged Priyanka’s Tata Nexon collided with his Maruti Suzuki Swift in Jnana Bharathi Nagar in the city.

The two had a heated argument over the incident and when he tried to stop her from leaving, she revved up the vehicle and hit him after which he fell on the bonnet. She kept driving while he desperately clung on to prevent himself from falling under the SUV and getting crushed.

The main accused Priyanka has been arrested and booked for attempt to murder. Four people accompanying her have also been arrested in the case.