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Viral Video : Tigress pounces on a dog in front of tourists in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Tigress pounces on a dog in front of tourists in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

A video clip shared on social media shows how swiftly a tigress hunted a stray dog in front of tourists in Zone-1 of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan. The clip shows a stray dog roaming around the parked safari gypsy jeeps full of tourists and suddenly the tigress “Sultana '' came out from the other side and pounced on the dog. “Pakad lia, peeche kar le, peeche kar le (it caught the dog, reverse the jeep)," people are heard shouting in the background.

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“Tiger kills a dog inside Ranthambore. In doing so it is exposing itself to deadly diseases such as canine distemper that can decimate a tiger population in no time. Dogs have emerged as a big threat to wildlife. Their presence inside sanctuaries needs to be controlled,” wrote Anis Andheria, the CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Trust on Twitter.

The incident took place on the morning of 27 December when tourists were in Zone 1 of the national park.

This incident raises many questions. In 2020, National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) had  directed all  tiger bearing states to manage the feral dogs menace around tiger reserves. According to experts, this population of feral dogs pose a serious threat to carnivorous wildlife as they transmit a deadly virus called CDV(Canine Distemper Virus) when wildlife feed on them.