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Viral Video: Elephant family struggles to cross railway track due to barricade in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris

Screengrab from the video.

A distressing video of an elephant family including young calves being forced to walk on a railway track in Tamil Nadu’s Niligiris for a considerable distance, because they could not cross over to the forest on the other side due to a wall built by the Railway Department, has gone viral.

The video shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu highlighted the ever present danger they faced due to the possibility of an approaching train.

However, the Railways were quick to react and take remedial action as a second video shared by the IAS officer shows the wall being dismantled.

While the objective of fences along highways or railway tracks are designed to decrease accident probability and lessen animal-human clashes, the video shows an example of exactly the wall becoming a hindrance.



Sahu said in her tweet: “Need to have a mandatory SOP for all infra agencies towards sensitive wildlife friendly design & execution”.