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Goa: Indian Coast Guard rescues a boat and averts a major incident

Indian Coast Guard rescues a boat and saves 26 people (Image: @IndiaCoastGuard)

On Sunday evening, in a swift operation, the team of Indian Coast Guard with Ship C-148 successfully rescued the tourist ferry boat Nerul Paradise, which was carrying twenty-four passengers and two crew members, near Mormugao Harbour in South district of Goa.

The Indian Coast Guard’s (ICG) quick intervention successfully averted a potential disaster that could have caused a major loss of lives.

Reportedly, the Nerul Paradise boat encountered rough weather with waves exceeding 3 metres and became stranded in the water due to fuel exhaustion.

According to the initial information, the boat had departed from Panjim that morning with twenty-four tourists and two crew members.

Upon identifying the marooned boat, the team of Indian Coast Guards promptly responded and reached out for help with Ship C-148, averting a major incident, ensuring the safety of all aboard and preventing a significant loss of life.

Earlier, the Indian Coast Guard had carried out a swift operation and rescued a fisherman from drowning in the sea, near the Kutch coast on May 8.

The operation was carried out by an ICG Interceptor Boat C-437 on Tuesday. The fisherman, named Sanjay Giga, drowned in the sea, around 22 km from Jakhau, Gujarat. The ship, while on area surveillance off the Kutch coast, received the alert from the fishing boat Marwa.

The ICG ship diverted and expeditiously reached the spot where the victim was located. He was swiftly recovered in an unconscious state.

The fisherman was administered first aid and then taken to Jakhau Harbour, where treatment was given by the Station Medical Officer.

Meanwhile, on May 16, an Indian Coast Guard Ship intercepted an Indian Fishing Boat Jay Malhar along with 5 crew engaged in illegal diesel smuggling off the Maharashtra Coast. Approximately 25 tons of unauthorized diesel were seized along with banned narcotics. The boat and crew were brought to Mumbai harbour for further investigation.