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Spiritual head of Ajmer Dargah calls for peace in Israel, says every human life is precious

Israel Hamas war getting worse

Spiritual Head of the Ajmer Dargah, Hazrat Dewan Syed Zainul Abedin has called for maintaining peace in Israel. In a statement, he said that the loss of lives of innocent people is unjustified and highly condemnable. “It is against the teachings of both Islam and Judaism. I appeal with folded hands to both the sides to stop this bloodshed for the sake of their respective religion and humanity,” he said. He appealed to the United Nations as well as the Indian government to intervene with the view to brining a halt to the ongoing violence that has already killed many.

“Every religion detest violence in any form. Loss of innocent lives is strictly forbidden in Islam,” he said, adding that the war must stop to safeguard innocent lives.

“This is not an era of war. Peaceful dialogue is the only way out. It’s not about who won or lost. It’s about respecting each other’s rights and boundaries in order to safeguard humanity from perishing,” his statement read.

The Ajmer Dargah head noted that while being a Muslim he stood with the legitimate right of Palestinian people, he has no support for those who take guns into their hands and kill innocent people.

“While as Muslims, we pray for safeguarding Muslim lives, but we must also remember, Muslim or not, human life is very dear to Allah and scores of killings won’t grant us Allah’s favour,” he said.

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