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Serial blasts hit Kerala after Hamas leader Khaled Mashal virtually addresses a pro-Palestine rally in the state

Hamas leader Khaled Mashal virtually addresses a rally in Kerala (Image courtesy: X)

A series of well-coordinated blasts hit a Jehova’s Witnesses meet in Kerala’s Kalamassery, where about 2000 people had congregated to offer prayers. Kalamassery is located just 10 km away from Kochi. Initial reports suggest at least one person had died and several others injured. 

Jehova’s Witnesses is a nontrinitarian restorationist Christian group.

The incident has raised alarm bells as it occurred two days after Khaled Mashal, leader of the Hamas terrorist group, addressed a rally in the state.

On October 27, the rally was organised by Solidarity Youth Movement (SYM), youth wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, in Kerala’s Malappuram. During the rally, the SYM raised the slogan, “Uproot bulldozer Hindutva and apartheid Zionism.”

According to Hindustan Times, Suhaib CT said Mashal’s participation is not a crime under the law as Hamas is not an organisation that operates in India.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and National Security Guard have rushed their teams to the spot.

“The Centre is keeping a close watch on the developments and working out a plan to ensure that the issue is contained at the earliest,” an informed source said.

Meanwhile, Israel’s ambassador to India Naor Gilon took to social media X to express his shock over Masha’s virtual participation at the rally in Kerala.

“Unbelievable! #HamasTerrorist Khaled Mashal speaks from Qatar in a #Kerala event under the slogan ‘Uproot bulldozer Hindutva & Apartheid Zionism’” he said, adding that it was time for New Delhi to add Hamas in India’s terror list.

Indian Muslims have remained united in condemning the Hamas attack on Israel. However, they have also underlined the need to adhere to the two state solution.

While condemning Hamas’ attack on Israel, India also said that it recognizes the two state solution.

Last week, New Delhi dispatched humanitarian aid, including essential life-saving medicines, surgical items, tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, sanitary utilities, water purification tablets among other necessary items, to the war torn Palestinian city of Gaza.

Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke to Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine and assured that India will continue to send humanitarian aid to Palestine.

Syed Babar Ashraf, Secretary General, All India Mohammadi Mission told India Narrative that the attack on Israel by Hamas has ignited a fierce debate on the legitimate or measured response to such actions. “It is clear that Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood neither in the past nor today can represent the Muslims and they have no legitimacy to singularly act on the behalf of all Palestinians, putting the lives of lakhs of Muslims at risk,” Ashraf said.

Ashraf welcomed India’s gesture of sending aid to Palestinians. “It is appreciative that India sent aid to Palestine and even as New Delhi may abstain from voting against Israel, it is clear that our government is going to continue to be with the common people of Gaza,” he said.

On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for an “immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce” between Israel and Hamas. India, however, abstained from voting.

“We hope that the deliberations of this assembly will send a clear message against terror and violence and expand prospects for diplomacy and dialogue while addressing the humanitarian crisis that confronts us,” India’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Yojna Patel said.

“The terror attacks in Israel on 7th October were shocking and deserve condemnation. Our thoughts are also with those taken hostages. We call for their immediate and unconditional release. Terrorism is a malignancy and knows no borders, nationality, or race. The world should not buy into any justification of terror acts. Let us keep aside differences, unite, and adopt a zero-tolerance approach to terrorism,” Patel said.

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