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PM Modi spells women-led growth, national character and new energy as mantra to power India’s rise

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks from Red Fort on India's Independence Day

In a stirring Independence Day address from the ramparts of the Red Fort this morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged countrymen to work tirelessly for a Viksit Bharat (developed India) by 2047—an endeavour that will not only mark India’s rise, but  lead to the welfare of the world.

PM Modi said that the new era of Amritkal that will culminate in 2047 when India completes hundred years of its independence, is a historic opportunity for a new generation of Indians to build a New India on the foundations of a free India that were laid by the country’s  founding fathers.

He said that in order to achieve this objective, young India will have to remove three key impediments: Corruption, Dynastic rule, and Social discrimination. He pointed out that India must work not only for its own development, but for the welfare of the entire world, including the Global South. He specially highlighted women-led initiatives which would play a decisive role in the rise of India. PM Modi added that India has a historic opportunity to lay the foundations of progress that will last for a thousand years.

The Prime Minster stressed that to achieve the status of developed nation that is making positive global contribution, Indians must imbibe demonstrate a resolute “national character.”

“The countries that have made progress in the world, the countries that have overcome crises in the world, along with everything, there has been an important catalytic agent, which is national character. And, we must move forward with more emphasis on national character. May our country, our national character be strong, bright, masculine, mighty and sharp; It is the collective responsibility of all of us. And let us carry the same mantra for the next 25 years…”.

The Prime Minister nailed national unity as the test of national character. “The unity of India gives us strength. Be it north, south, east, west, village, city, male or female; We all have the power of unity in a country full of unity and diversity and the second important thing I see is that if we want to see our country as a developed India in 2047, then we must live the mantra of Shreshtha Bharat, we must character.”

PM Modi also raised corruption, dynastic rule, and social discrimination as major barriers to India’s progress.

The Prime Minister was emphatic that women-led development would be key to India’s rise. “I want to tell the mothers, sisters and daughters that today the country has progressed due to the power of you all,” he observed.

“When you go to a village, you will find ‘bank-wali didi, Anganwadi didi and dawai-wali.. It is my dream to make 2 crore lakhpati didis in villages,” he said, pointed to women’s economic empowerment.

PM Modi’s focus on women-led development had also been a key thematic lime in his previous independence day address when he highlighted the importance of  “Nari Shakti” in nation building. But the reiteration of women-led growth has acquired an even greater importance in wake of the violence in Manipur.