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Germany records over 30 per cent growth in tourists from India, country has lot to offer to Indians: Envoy

Germany's Deputy Head of Mission Georg Enzweiler (left) and India director for GNTO Romit Theophilus (Photo: ANI)

Germany has recorded an over 30 per cent growth in tourism with the European nation country welcoming over 8 lakh overnight stays from India in 2023.

“The growth in the number of tourists has been surprisingly impressive. We’ve seen over 30 per cent growth vis-a-vis last year. German tourism is bouncing back from COVID after the COVID restrictions have been lifted…,” Germany’s Deputy Head of Mission Georg Enzweiler told ANI.

Addressing a joint press conference by the German National Tourist Office (GNTO) and German Embassy in India, Enzweilier said his country’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly tourism practices will be attractive for Indian travelers who prioritise responsible travel.

“Sustainability is simply a very important issue in all sectors of our country. I think one of the benefits of people from India going to Germany will be that they will be able to see for themselves what sustainability and practice translates into, whether it’s travel within Germany…,” the German diplomat said.

The envoy pointed out that the biggest European Football event, the Euro Cup that will be held this June along with a total of 52 UNESCO World heritage sites situated in Germany along with the country’s natural beauty, picturesque villages, and innovative eco-tourism practices contribute to drawing tourists.

“We are thrilled to witness the growing interest among Indian tourists in exploring Germany. The remarkable growth of 32,6 per cent compared to last year is no surprise, considering Germany’s impressive ranking in the global Nation Brands Index 2023,” Enzweiler said.

“Situated in the heart of Europe, Germany also offers a vibrant, dynamic, and commercially attractive destination for young travelers. This growing people-to-people contact is crucial in strengthening the foundation of our bilateral partnership like never before,” the Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy said.

He also noted that recently there has also been a steep rise in Indian students in Germany. “…This is great,” Enzweiler said.

Romit Theophilus, Director of Marketing and Sales Office – India, GNTO noted that Indian students are now the largest international community on German campuses.

“Indian students are now the largest international community on the German campuses with 42,578 students as of 2023,” he said.

Last year, German Ambassador to India Philipp Ackermann said India has the highest number of students in Germany with a total of 42,000 plus students, 25 per cent more within one year.

Speaking to ANI last year, then ambassador Phillip Ackermann said German universities are keen on having Indian students due to their good reputation while cautioning students from Punjab to submit their applications directly without relying on agencies. Additionally, he highlighted the significant economic relationship between Germany and India, stating that Germany is India’s largest trading partner in Europe.