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Pakistan: Sindh United Party calls out Imran Khan govt for intentionally eliminating Sindhi language

Zain Shah of Sindh United Party accused Pakistan Government of trying to wipe out Sindhi language

Marking the International Day of Mother Tongues on Monday, the Sindh United Party blamed the Pakistan government for intentionally eliminating the Sindhi language.

Leaders, activists and supporters of the SUP took part in demonstrations, rallies, seminars and conferences in 40 cities and towns of Sindh and said that Sindhi is being 'officially' wiped out, reported Dawn. The main event was held in Sachal Library, Sachal Goth, in Karachi where Syed Zain Shah, Aijaz Sameto, Agha Qamar, Khwaja Naveed, Ghulam Shah, Asghar Baghi, Bedil Masroor, Taj Joyo and others highlighted the importance of Sindhi.

They accused the federal and Sindh governments of intentionally eliminating the Sindhi language from this province, reported Dawn.

Zain Shah pointed out that signboards, plaques and other such things in the Sindhi language were being removed from government buildings and offices, highways and roads, as well as other public places which showed that the language was being eliminated in an organized manner jointly by the federal and Sindh governments.

He said that Sindhi was a language spoken in this region for centuries and had been spoken and written in different civilizations.

"Still it is the mother tongue of around 25 million people," he said, adding that the rulers of Pakistan would have to grant it the status of a national language.

He described the denial of this status to Sindhi after the creation of Pakistan as the biggest loss suffered by the Sindhi nation, reported Dawn.

"Pakistan is a multination and multilingual part of this region," he said and stressed that every major language spoken in the country should have the status of a national language. This would ensure the stability and strength of the country, he said.