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India’s strength in disaster management has set an example, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the strength of disaster management that India has developed in recent years has set an “example” today as he praised the people of Kutch for facing Cyclone Biparjoy with full courage and preparedness.

Addressing his 102nd edition of Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi said, “Although Cyclone Biparjoy wreaked so much havoc in Kutch, the people of the region faced it with full courage and preparedness.”

Hailing the people of Kutch for their resilience, he recalled that after the devastating earthquake two decades ago, it was said Kutch would never recover. “Today the same district is one of the fastest developing districts of the country. I am sure that the people of Kutch will recover quickly from the devastation caused by Cyclone Biparjoy,” he said.

“Be it the biggest goal, be it the toughest challenge, it is the collective power of the people of India that has always risen to the occasion to solve every challenge,” PM Modi observed.

PM Modi said it was encouraging to see that merely two days after the havoc wrought by the cyclone, the people of Kutch were back to work on restoring their normal lives.

Explaining why the radio address was being delivered a week ahead of schedule, PM Modi said, “Usually ‘Mann Ki Baat’ comes to you on the last Sunday of every month, but this time it is happening a week earlier. As you all know, I will be in America next week where the schedule is going to be very hectic, so I thought what could be better than taking the blessings of the people to give me energy for the overseas visit.”

PM Modi also had a word of praise for startups that were working to conserve water.

Talking on the steps being taken to provide better healthcare in the country, PM Modi said, “India has resolved to eradicate TB by 2025. The goal of making a free India is definitely a big one. There was a time when after coming to know about T.B., the family members used to go away, but in today’s time, T.B. patients are being helped as members of the family.