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Honest auto rickshaw driver returns bag with 10 tolas of gold lost by couple in Hyderabad

Syed Zakir, auto rickshaw driver, returning gold to owner.(Photo:ANI)

An honest auto rickshaw driver in Hyderabad found a bag containing gold ornaments weighing 10 tolas valued at over Rs 5 lakh and has won praise for returning the jewellery to the couple who had lost it.

K Srinivas, SHO, Langer House police station, said the couple lost their handbag while coming back from Hashamnagar. On their way back to Tolichowk, they realized that their bag was missing.

The SHO said, "Mirza Sultan Baig and his wife Samera Begum approached the police station with a request to trace the missing gold ornaments."

He further said the couple, while searching for their bag, got a call at 3:30 pm from an auto driver who had found their handbag near pillar no 55.

The SHO said, "The auto driver, Syed Zakir, found the handbag with the gold ornaments along with a receipt. He immediately called the phone number and handed over the bag along with the gold ornaments weighing about 10 tolas."

K Srinivas praised Mr Zakir's honesty pointing out that the man is a shining example for society as despite being poor, he did not steal or take something that did not belong to him.