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Delhi and Anna Universities join IITs in World’s top 500 list

Delhi University along with Anna University have been listed in the QS World University Rankings 2023 (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@Pankit_Speaks)

Delhi University and Anna University have for the first time joined the 7 IITs led by IIT Bombay in the top 500 list of QS World University Rankings 2023. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Oxford University and Cambridge University have been rated as the top 3 globally.

IIT Bombay has improved its rank from 172 to 149 and has been rated among the top 150 institutes in the world for the first time.

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru has retained its place in the first 500 but slipped in rank from 155 to 225.

QS has made some changes in its ranking methodology this year with the introduction of sustainability, employment outcomes and international research network as three new criteria. The weightage of academic reputation, employer reputation and faculty-student ration have also been recalibrated.

IISc has gone down in its ranking because the faculty-student ratio which is one of its big strengths has been given reduced weightage.

The IITs have also slipped in rank with IIT Delhi being ranked 197 compared to its 174 position earlier.

The ranks of the other IITs are: IIT-Kharagpur 271, IIT-Kanpur 278, IIT-Madras 285, IIT-Guwahati 364, IIT-Roorkee 369.