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Delhi University Commerce graduate sells idli-sambar on bike to earn an honest living

Unemployed for three months, Avinash Kumar Shukla of Faridabad decided to sell idli-sambar on his bike to earn and take care of his family

Exemplifying the saying where there is a will, there is a way, a Commerce graduate is selling idli-sambar on his motorcycle to earn an honest and dignified living for his family.

Meet Avinash Kumar Shukla from Faridabad, Haryana, who is a graduate in Commerce from Delhi University’s Open School of Learning and has been unemployed for the past three months. Earlier he had worked for several well-known companies like McDonald’s, Uber and Amazon.

Having lost his job, Shukla was at his wit’s end as he had to take care of his mother, younger brother and sister, wife and a son who is one-and-a-half years old. Facing a dire situation, he decided to open an idli-sambar stall on his bike. Now he sells one plate of idli-sambar for Rs.20 at the NH-2, which is close to Sector 37, Main Entrance, Faridabad.

The bike, Shukla said, was gifted by his father – who died in 2021 — on completing his Class XII. He got this idea of selling the snacks from YouTube. “I learnt from YouTube how to do small-scale work on a motorcycle. I saw a lot of videos of people selling idli-sambhar, dosas not only on motorcycles but also on cycles,” he remarked.

Shukla informed that his wife is from Chennai and knows how to make dishes from the South. It was she who gave him the idea of selling idli-sambar which she prepares every day for him to sell.

His story was posted on social media by YouTuber Swag Se Doctor and garnered likes in thousands and comments appreciating his effort and hard work.