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Criminals attack Cyber Crime Police station in Nuh riots to destroy evidence

Around 200 men charged at the Cyber police station & tried to burn it down using a bus to destroy all case files and evidence against them. (Photo : Aayush Goel)

While the two communities were fighting it out in Mewat clashes, the cyber criminals of this Jamtara from North attacked the Nuh cyber police station. Around 200 men charged at the police station tried to burn it down using a bus to destroy all case files and evidence against them.

It may be noted that Nuh being one of the key epicentres of cybercrime saw India’s biggest raid in April this year where cyber criminals were picked up from 14 villages. Majority bailed out and others who managed to escape were rattled by increased police action and ‘low businesses’ owing to the same. When communal clashes broke out these accused decided to target the cyber police station in Anaj Mandi.

The entire gang was inspired by the recent Ajay Devgan movie Bholaa and planned the attack. Equipped with guns and petrol bombs, the crowd surrounded the police station with just 8 cops inside. With clear intent to burn everything down the mob got a bus and rammed it into the boundary wall. They could not get beyond and despite several attempts the bus did not blast.

They then started torching official and personal vehicles of cops. It was 8 cops led by ASI Suresh who fought the crowd. The cops huddled together with limited ammunition and decided to use acoustic effects while aerial firing to make mobsters believe it was a large force inside.

“They came with a clear intent to torch the computers, the entire police station and even us. They were all irked over the recent crackdown and made all attempts to set us ablaze. We were scared and after securing doors rushed to the first floor. Seeing that huge mob and with additional force still taking time, we decided to befool them. We started firing our bullets at angles that made them believe that we had sophisticated weapons and there were many of us. We then created an illusion that the bullets were being fired head on and then they fled. Many cars have been torched but we managed to survive,” ASI Suresh told India Narrative.

So far ten men have been arrested which include two Rohingyas.

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