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Amid BBC flak, PM sends chadar to Ajmer Dargah, talks of peace and harmony

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hands over the Chadar which would be offered on the Urs of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at the Ajmer Sharif Dargah (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@ani)

Ajmer: Amid the raging controversy over BBC documentaries, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent his chador (offering) at the Dargah Khwaja Ghreeb Nawaz, Ajmer, on Wednesday during the celebration of 811th Urs of sufi saint. Along with the chadar, PM Modi also sent a letter conveying his tribute to Khawaja Saheb and his inspiration in fomenting harmony and peace in the country.

The PM said that as the country is celebrating Azadi Ka Amrit Kal, the combined communal strength of Indian citizenry will put it on the course of development.

“The life of Khwaja Saheb and its impact on our social life reflect that the diversity in India is celebrated and the Urs at his shrine is testament of this sentiment,” he said in his letter that was read loud by the Dargah officials in front of pilgrims and media.

PM’s chadar was welcomed with thunderous applause by the Dargah Committee and khuddam (volunteers).

BJP’s minority cell president Jamal Siddiqui carried the PM’s chadar to Ajmer. PM handed it over to him at his residence in presence of Minority Affairs Minister Smiriti Irani.

Siddiqui said that the PM wished all communities of India well from his heart and wanted them to contribute to the progress of India that is fast emerging as a major power of India.

Syed Babar Ashraf, an active member of the Dargah Committee, said that the PM’s message of harmony should help fight hatred. “Khwaja’s astana (resting place) is fountainhead of peace and wisdom. His teachings emphasise on leading fraternal and productive lives. PM’s message pays apt tribute to him,” he said.

Almost 10-day Urs will conclude by the end of January.

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