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9 South Central Railway ticket checkers collect Rs.9.62 crores as fine

T. Natarajan, Chief Ticket Inspector, SCR, has created history by collecting more than Rs.1 crore by fining passengers travelling without ticket

With a view to check unauthorised travel and reduce inconvenience caused to bona fide passengers, the South Central Railway has been undertaking intensive ticket checking. The effort of the dedicated ticket checking staff has borne fruit resulting in improvement of ticket sale.

This financial year SCR has created history as nine ticket checkers collected a whopping amount of Rs.9.62 crore from 1.16 lakh commuters during their intensive checking drive in various trains. With this nine of these checkers have made it to the “one crore club”.

Of the nine, seven are from the Secunderabad division while one each is from Guntakal and Vijayawada division.

SCR Ticket checker
A ticket checker of SCR on duty

Besides this, for the first time in the history of SCR an individual ticket checker has crossed Rs.1 crore in terms of collecting fines. T. Natarajan, Chief Ticket Inspector/Sr.DCM of Secunderabad division has collected Rs.1.16 crores from 12,689 passengers travelling without ticket or with irregular tickets and carrying un-booked luggage.

Commending the checking staff for their performance and dedication, Arun Kumar Jain, SCR General Manager, stated that ticket checking is one of the critical mechanisms which helps in reducing unauthorized travel in trains while also building confidence among the genuine rail passengers.

Jain also appealed to passengers to travel with valid tickets.