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British giant GSK shifting malaria vaccine production to Bharat Biotech

It is expected that Bharat Biotech will be the sole supplier of the malaria vaccine by 2029

British pharmaceuticals giant GSK will shift production of the world’s first effective malaria vaccine to India’s Bharat Biotech, as part of the global campaign to eradicate the deadly mosquito-borne disease, the company announced on Wednesday.

The agreement includes transfer of manufacturing of the protein part of the vaccine, RTS, S/AS01, while GSK will continue to supply Bharat Biotech with the adjuvant or vaccine booster for the shot, the joint statement said.

The tie-up comes at a time when Bharat Biotech has shot into fame with the successful development of India’s Covid-19 vaccine which has been cleared for use.  

The vaccine, developed by GSK for over three decades and with nonprofit group PATH since 2001, is currently being administered under a special World Health Organization-backed scheme in Ghana, Kenya, and Malawi.

Malaria is caused in humans by five types of parasites transmitted through the bite of a certain variety of infected female mosquitoes.

Two of these parasite variants, including Plasmodium falciparum, against which the GSK vaccine was developed, pose the greatest threat.

“Helping secure the long-term future of the only vaccine available by working with an established leader like Bharat Biotech is vital for the continued fight against this devastating disease,” Thomas Breuer, the chief medical officer for vaccines at GSK, was quoted as saying in a company statement.

There were 229 million cases of the disease worldwide in 2019, with 94% of the malaria cases and deaths occurring in Africa, according to the WHO.

Bharat Biotech has been supplying vaccines to the Indian region, vaccine alliance GAVI and UNICEF, and currently manufactures 17 licensed vaccines including those for typhoid and polio.

It is expected that Bharat Biotech will be the sole supplier of the malaria vaccine by 2029 at the latest, with GSK continuing to supply the adjuvant to them, the companies said.