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Arrival of Taliban, Covid 19 hammer Afghanistan’s handicraft industry

Afghanistan's handicraft items have always caught the world's attention (Pic credit: @AfghanMissionUN)

Amid rising economic crisis in Afghanistan more than 40 per cent of craftspeople have stopped their work due to the change in the country’s political regime and the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

“It is necessary for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to take important steps in order to develop its activities toward preventing poverty and unemployment, and to expand the field of activity of its entrepreneurs and create job opportunities,” Tolo News quoted Noorulhaq Omari, head of the Afghan Chamber of Crafts and Shopkeepers as saying at a conference.

The Afghan authorities have also organized an exhibition of handicrafts.

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The traditionally rich handicraft sector in the war-ravaged country has been one of the main employment generating industries. A large number of women have also been engaged in the sector.

Meanwhile, the Taliban government in Afghanistan is desperately looking at ways to engage with other countries to boost its ravaged economy.

According to a World Bank report, Afghanistan's economic and development challenges were on the rise even before the Taliban government assumed power. “Afghanistan’s economic growth was slow up to August 2021, reflecting weak confidence amid a rapidly worsening security situation, and severe drought conditions negatively affecting agricultural production,” it said.

Afghanistan handicraft sector is known for its classy carpets, rugs, embroidered work besides several items for home decorations.