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World Hindi Conference in Fiji a massive success — promotes civilizational vision of New India

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and other dignitaries during the 12th World Hindi Conference held in Nandi, Fiji

The 12th World Hindi Conference held in Nandi, Fiji, Pacific region, proved to be a successful and fruitful conference in the series of World Hindi Conferences organized at regular intervals to develop Hindi as the language of communication among all the citizens of the world who speak, know and love it.

This was the collective opinion of all the representatives of other countries of the world including India and Fiji included in the 12th World Hindi Conference that the Indian knowledge tradition and other traditional knowledge systems can be conveyed to a large population of the world through the medium of Hindi using state-of-the-art information, knowledge and research techniques like artificial intelligence (AI).

Hindi can play an important role in providing an alternative civilizational vision based on cooperation, inclusion and coexistence to a world system based on competition and rivalry. Along with this opinion, the 12th World Hindi Conference also has a clear opinion that the world market can be built on the civilizational vision of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and the fulfillment of international needs ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin:’.

The Indians who have migrated to almost all the continents of the world have made immense contribution in the creation of a unique world order with their hard work and loyalty towards the migrating countries. Girmitiya community have played an important role in making language, knowledge tradition and culture-vision universal, by whom even today their relevant role is being played with the living tradition of Ramkatha and Bhajan Mandalis in various countries of the world including Fiji.

Making proper use of latest knowledge systems such as Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, various new mediums of Hindi media, cinema and mass communication have opened new doors of possibilities to spread Hindi as a world language.

To face the challenges of the 21st century before the whole world, Hindi, one of the most important languages of the world, can be meaningful, productive and play its expected role, for this, migrant literature has an important place in Hindi. Translation plays an important role in making diaspora Hindi literature worldwide and incorporating the superior values of other cultures of the world into Hindi. This requires the harmonious application of artificial intelligence, machine translation and various synonyms of traditional methods of translation.

The 12th World Hindi Conference is realizing the need to effectively use the latest learning system and resources in Hindi teaching to enhance the use of Hindi at the international level, to harness its linguistic potential in diverse knowledge disciplines.

In order for world civilization to be properly supported by the capabilities of Hindi, the Conference also experienced the need to develop the World Hindi Secretariat as a multinational institution and establish its regional centres in other parts of the world, including the Pacific region.

This time the 12th World Hindi Conference has realized that it is not only the responsibility of the governments to play the above role at the global level, but for this, all the Hindi lovers and supporters of the world have to work collectively to ensure their worthy role in building a better and happier world.

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