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59 pc Indians believe AI will make work easier, lead to better outcomes: Report

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About 59 per cent of Indians believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will make work easier and lead to better outcomes, a new report said on Tuesday.

According to the automotive and consumer products maker Bosch, around 80 per cent of Indians and 73 per cent globally advocated about generative AI being as relevant as the rise of the internet.

“The survey reflects India’s increasing acceptance and enthusiasm towards emerging technologies like AI. India is keen on AI-powered solutions across diverse sectors such as sustainability, mobility, manufacturing, and even daily life,” said Guruprasad Mudlapur, President of the Bosch Group in India, and Managing Director, Bosch Limited.

The report surveyed people aged 18 and over in seven countries, including India.

With 64 per cent of global respondents ranking AI as the most influential technology in the near future, the report revealed a strong sense of optimism among Indians, 76 per cent of whom personally feel prepared for the upcoming era of AI-led interventions.

About 81 per cent of Indians and 71 per cent of global respondents feel that technological progress shall be key to combating climate change.

Enhanced safety emerged as the most resonant sentiment amongst Indians (51 per cent) and global (60 per cent) respondents, when it comes to AI-powered integrations in mobility. Around 48 per cent of Indians also expect AI-driven solutions to facilitate easier and seamless parking, according to the report.

In addition, the report mentioned that 79 per cent of Indians agreed on the mandatory labelling of AI content.