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Watch: Rare video captures Tiger, Rhino and Deer in same frame at Kaziranga

The 'Golden frame' captured the rare tabby tiger and the rhinoceros in the same frame

Proving that patience always pays, a nature photographer from Bengaluru shot on video a novel footage capturing a rare “golden frame” of a Royal Bengal or tabby tiger, a one-horned rhinoceros, a swamp deer and a buffalo in Kaziranga National Park, Assam.


Described by tourist guide Bishwajit Chetri as a “golden frame”, the footage shows the tabby tiger or strawberry tiger moving in Kohora range grasslands of the park.

Talking about the video, Chetri remarked: “Normally you don’t see rhino and royal Bengal tiger together other than when the tiger is on a hunting spree. Moreover, the video clearly features the four big attractions of Kaziranga.”

Interestingly, the tabby tiger was clicked by Mayuresh Hendre during the lockdown is popularly known as Kazi 106 F and its light yellowish skin with light black stripes and more whitish expressions in facial and abdominal region is due to colour aberration.