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Watch: PM Modi thanks US for returning Indian antiquities

Concluding his tour to US, Prime Minister Modi in his address to Indian diaspora at Ronald Reagan Center , Washington thanked President Biden for repatriating Indian antiquities

Addressing the Indian diaspora at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington during his visit to the US, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his gratitude to the Biden Administration for deciding to repatriate more than 100 antiquities to India.


Highlighting this point in his speech, PM said, “I extend my special thanks to the US Government for this gesture,” and added that it also exhibited that the relationship between New Delhi and Washington is not business-centric but emotional too.

Pointing out how there is a steady return of Indian antiquities from other countries, the PM said: “When I last came to America, a lot of old antiquities were returned to India. Wherever I travel in the world, the government of that country returns what belongs to India. They see me as the right person, that he can be trusted. They return Indian antiquities, thinking that he will put them back in the right place.”

In the past too, the US had returned Indian-origin antiquities to India, including cultural items.