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Watch Mama Elephant struggle to wake up her darling calf!

Mother elephant who tried to wake up the calf who refused to oblige her

Who said parenting by animals is different from that done by human beings? Watch this amazing video of a mother elephant desperately trying to wake up her calf and then finally seeking help from the zoo caregivers, that will prove it is the same!


The footage shared on Twitter by Buitengebieden opens with the mother elephant walking to the calf who is enjoying sleeping on the grass in the enclosure. After making several attempts and failing she turns to the zookeepers to help her. The description with the footage reads: “Mother elephant can't wake baby sound asleep and asks the keeper's for help..”

Two helpers turn up to assist the mother and try to wake up the calf. One shakes the rear of the baby for a few seconds which makes the calf come out of the slumber and it is seen running to the mother.

Viewers had a gala time watching it and many commented on it. One wrote: “As the parent of a teenager, I can relate,” while another quipped: “wow he’s just like me.” Another concerned parent said: “This is every parent:  For the love of god – wake the baby!  If he keeps napping he'll never go to bed tonight!!!”