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WATCH: Kerala man stuck on tree for one-and-a-half hour to escape wild elephants

A man in Kerala climbed a tree to escape a herd of elephants and stuck there for an hour and a half

A man in Kerala had a narrow escape from a herd of wild elephants by climbing a tree. The video of his sitting on the tree on the social video has created a storm.


Saji at Chinnakanal on seeing the wild elephants charging at him saw no option but to climb the tree. Yet he never imagined that he would remain stuck on the tree for the next one and a half hour as the elephants surrounding him kept trumpeting.

Hailing from Idukki, Saji told the Press that the incident occurred when he was going atop the hill. “Some elephants came running my way suddenly. I did not think much but climbed the tree…I had to sit there for the next one and a half hours,” he said.

While all the elephants left the place, one tusker remained near the tree so Saji couldn’t come down and had to wait for the officials to come and chase him.

The footage was recorded by some locals.