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Watch: How a leopard survives in a tiger-dominated forest

Screengrab from the video

An awesome video that shows how leopards survive in a tiger-dominated landscape in the wild has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer and wildlife enthusiast Susanta Nanda.

The video shows an agile leopard swiftly climbing up a tree to escape the attack of tiger in hot pursuit.

The desperate tiger climbs up part of the trunk of the same tree in its chase but its heavy weight prevents it from going beyond a point and it is forced to give up the hunt and slither back to the ground again.

The leopard is the strongest climber among the big cats and this helps it survive against the stronger tiger. A leopard is also known carry prey twice its weight up a tree.

Mr Nanda observes in his tweet that tigers can climb trees with the help of their sharp and retractable claws that provide a powerful grip on tree trunks. But as they grow old, their body weight prevents them from climbing high.