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Watch: Dog charges in and grabs football from player as match is in full swing

Screengrab from the video

The video shows a thrilling football match being suddenly interrupted as a playful dog charges  into the field and grabs the ball from a player! The dog gets a standing ovation from the crowd with cheers clapping and laughter erupting spontaneously at the stadium.

The match between Curicó Unido and Palestino teams in La Cisterna, Chile, was stopped and one of the players carries the dog off the field. The animal is then handed over to the security guard who takes him out of the ground with the spectators cheering all the way.

“Zero regrets. 100% doggo would do it again,” reads the caption of the video posted on Reddit.

The video was initially posted on Twitter by TNT Sports Chile with the caption, “He wanted to take the ball home! A tender visitor slipped into the match between #CURvsPALxTNTSports.