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Watch: Brave mother elephant saves her calf from clutches of deadly crocodile

The elephant calf whose trunk had been grabbed by the crocodile was saved its mother

Mothers are made from a different metal and proving that is a video shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu. The footage shows the extent to which a mother elephant would go to, in order to save her calf from a huge crocodile.


The footage shows the croc leaping at the baby elephant and getting a hold of its trunk tightly. When it looked that all was over for the calf, the mother arrived and stomped the reptile to get her baby free. The caption reads: “Mother elephant rescues baby elephant from the jaws of a crocodile. Elephants are Just Incredible.”

Reacting to the clip, most users praised the mother whole-heartedly. One said: “Don’t mess with the mother”, while another wrote: “A mother is ‘Mother’ – amazing.” Others described it as an “Incredible save” and some sympathised with the calf.