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Watch: Brave Bengaluru cop risking life to save hapless bird

Screengrab from the video showing brave Bengaluru traffic cop saving the pigeon

Going beyond his call of duty, a Bengaluru Traffic cop risked his life to save a bird which had got entangled in the hoarding tower.


The name of the traffic policeman is Suresh and the footage shows him going up the hoarding without any safety equipment and untying the wire in which the pigeon appeared to be tangled. The grateful bird immediately flew away.

The video was posted on Twitter by Kuldeep Kumar R Jain, Bengaluru’s Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police with the caption: “The hidden and unexplored side of policemen. Well done Mr. Suresh from Rajajinagar Traffic Police Station.”

While many viewers praised him, others were concerned about why he risked his life without using safety equipment.