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Was Prince Harry ‘disrespectful’ at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral?

Controversy has erupted in Britain on whether Prince Harry sang or not 'God Save the King” at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral service on Monday

A fresh debate has been triggered in Britain with many accusing Prince Harry of not singing “God Save the King” at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral service in Westminster Abbey on Monday. This is being seen as a sign of “disrespect.”  

The actions and movements of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were closely watched during the hour-long sombre ceremony.

Twitter exploded after some viewers claimed Prince Harry appeared to not join in on the singing of the national anthem.

When the footage was posted to Twitter, opinion was divided.

“Noticed that … He couldn’t be any more disrespectful if he tried,” one person said.

“I noticed, as would have many others. I have utter contempt for him,” another wrote.

“So much for supporting the King!” remarked a third.

However, there were some who argued that he was probably too overcome with emotion, or perhaps was very quietly mouthing the words under his breath.

“To be fair it seems like his lips are moving but very slightly,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Give him a chance. It’s changed since the last time he sang it – he hasn’t learnt the new words yet,” wrote another user in the comment section of the post.

Harry along with his wife Meghan was sitting behind his father, King Charles III, and the Queen consort and his step-mother Camilla during the service.