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Video: UK High Commissioner’s eulogy to Queen Elizabeth II in Hindi

Screengrab from the video

British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis mourned the sad demise of Queen Elizabeth II on Friday and began his message in Hindi about her life dedicated to service, which will be remembered across the world.

“I will try to speak clearly. Maharani Elizabeth ko, unki jeevan, nishtha aur kartaviya seva ke liye tha. United Kingdom,  Bharat, Commonwealth ke desho puri duniya me yaad kiya jayega,” High Commissioner Alex Ellis said in a video shared on Twitter.

(Queen Elizabeth dedicated her life to service. UK, India, the Commonwealth nations and the world will always remember her).

He then switched to English and quoting King Charles III, he said that while the day was one of grief, it was also a day of reflection. “The first Prime Minister met was Winston Churchill. The last act she did in public on Tuesday this week was shake the hand of the departing 14th Prime Minister and to welcome the 15th Prime Minister. She reigned for over 70 years.”

“Queen Elizabeth led a long and exemplary life of strength, duty, hard work and dignity. Those characteristics inspired both and deep affection. So it is a sad day but it is also a day to give thanks for a long life well lived to the service of others,” he added.