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Varanasi’s 125 year old Swami Shivananda sets an example for others by taking the second dose of Covid vaccine

By taking the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, the 125 year old Swami Shivananda has set a fine example to those sceptics who refuse the inoculation

He is a standing and shinning example for all those young and old who are reluctant to get vaccinated for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The reason being, this 125-year-old seer, Swami Shivananda, this week took the second dose of his Coronavirus vaccine on his own, thus blunting all the objections raised by sceptics about the vital inoculation.

Shivananda, the seer is now known as the oldest recipient of the vaccine and he got jabbed at the urban community health centre in the Chief Medical Officer’s office premises which is situated at Durgakund.

The Swami who after the vaccination spoke to the media present at the centre revealed that the secret of his long life was Yoga. He said that he has been practising Yoga every day and also that he eats food devoid of oil and spices.

Living alone, the seer is healthy and has not reported any disease or illness so far.

The Medical Officer, Dr. Sarika Rai, who is the in-charge of the centre shared that Swami Shivananda has been residing in Kashi or Varanasi for the last several years. The doctor also said that the seer was given the first dose of the Covid vaccine on June 9.

What actually caught attention of the health department personnel was the Swami’s Aadhaar card and Voter ID card in which they observed that his date of birth was mentioned on August 8, 1896.

Swami originally hails from West Bengal’s Srihatt district and has been a resident of Kabir Nagar Colony in Bhelupur, Varanasi for nearly 40 years.

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