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Valiant crane drivers Dayanand and Anil saved more than 50 lives in Mundka fire

Brothers Anil and Dayanand Tiwari who with the help of the crane they were driving saved more than 50 people in the Mundka fire

For a large number of people, who were rescued from the blazing fire that engulfed the building located at Delhi’s Mundka, and their families and friends, the two crane drivers – Anil Tiwari and Dayanand Tiwari – were God sent angels.

The fire which broke out last week and killed 27 people took place near Mundka metro station. Crane drivers, Anil and Dayanand were passing through the area while returning from their work at industrial area, when they saw the smoke billowing from the building. Wanting to know more, they realised that a large number of people, including women, were stuck in the building on fire.

Dayanand contacted the owner of the crane, Dinesh, who told them to use the crane and save people. The two then broke the divider to get the crane on to the other side of the road where the fire was raging.  With the help of the crane, the glass of the second floor was smashed and using its boom people were rescued.

During their two hours of brave work, the brothers managed to save more than 50 women.

The brothers continued their efforts till the time it was not possible for them as the flames started to spread far and wide. Asked what his thoughts were about the incident, Dayanand with a sense of regret said: “I wish we could have saved more of those women who were stuck there."

When asked what motivated them to risk their lives, Anil said: “At that time we had only one aim, that was to save lives of the people and we didn’t bother about the risk it involved.”

Not only the people who were saved but also others, including the media, thanked the brothers for their valiant effort in saving so many lives.

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