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Turkey’s Rumeysa Gelgi, world’s tallest woman, creates three more new records!

Rumeysa Gelgi of Turkey who holds the world record for being the tallest woman, now has three more new world records to her name

Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey who already holds the record for being the world’s tallest woman at 7 feet and 0.7 inches now holds three more world records.


Now, according to the Guinness World Records Gelgi has made three more world records. This makes her the recipient of five world records.

The three new records include having the longest fingers (female). Her longest finger measures 11.2 cm. She also holds the record for “largest hands on a living person” (female), with her right hand measuring 24.93 centimetre and the left hand measuring up to 24.26 cm.

Besides this, she has the longest back (female) in the world with a length of 59.9 cm.

Way back in 2014, when Gelgi was just 18, she was declared as the world’s tallest teenager.

The reason why Gelgi is extremely tall is because of Weaver syndrome which is a very rare syndrome that causes several abnormalities including the accelerated growth of one’s skeletal.

Gelgi after creating three more new records told the Guinness World Records: “Words can’t even describe how excited and happy I feel right now. My family and people around me are very supportive. Being the only woman with this kind of height, makes me feel very special.”

She sincerely hopes that her story and records will make more people aware of Weaver Syndrome and make them sensitive and empathic too.

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