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Taliban officials pour 3K litres of liquor into the Kabul canal

Taliban fighters

A team of agents of the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) poured nearly 3,000 litres of liquor into a canal in Kabul, the agency said on Sunday. A video showed the agents pouring barrels of alcohol in the canal after seizing it in a raid.

The new Taliban government has cracked down on the sale of alcohol in line with strict Islamic rules. In a video statement, an intelligence official said: "Muslims have to seriously abstain from making and delivering alcohol… The seized liquor was destroyed and the liquor sellers were handed over to the judiciary".

The GDI statement also said that three dealers were arrested during the operation.

Even the earlier democratically-elected regimes had frowned upon selling and consuming alcohol but the Taliban is enforcing the rigid laws under Islam. The Taliban government has increased the frequency of raids on liquor and drugs.