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Prompt action saves striped hyena injured in hit-and-run accident on Pune-Nashik highway

The striped hyena which was grievously hurt in a hit-and-run accident getting treated

Empathy and prompt action by passers-by saved the life of a striped hyena, hurt grievously by a speeding vehicle on the Pune-Nashik highway in Manchar Forest Range in Pune, Maharashtra.

On receiving the information about the animal, the Forest Department and Wildlife SOS rushed to the location. The Department moved the creature to their range forest office while Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre of the NGO provided immediate medical assistance.

The hyena is currently under medical observation.

Dr. Nikhil Bangar, the SOS veterinary officer who treated the hyena on site, gave it antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. During the meticulous examination it was found that the hyena had sustained injuries on its head, shoulders and legs.

Following this it has now been placed under intensive care at the Centre, jointly run by the NGO and the Forest Department.

Sharing details about the injured animal, Dr. Bangar, said: “The animal had lost a lot of blood so we provided fluid therapy. On conducting the preliminary examination, the hyena did not seem to have a fracture. Currently, the hyena is stable due to the medication that we have provided but we need to observe it further.”

There is a spurt in the hit and run cases of wild animals because with the cities expanding, the natural habitat of wild animals is shrinking. Further, linear intrusions like roads and railways act as obstacles for the animals.