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‘Man-eater’ tag removed for tiger in Uttarakhand

Representational image. The 'man-eater' tag has been removed for a tiger in Uttarakhand as it did not kill any person for 55 consecutive days

The blot against a tiger that had been tagged as “man-eater” has been removed. The creature got this tag after six people in Fatehpur range of Ramnagar forest had been killed in four months – December 2021 to March 2022 and now that has been deleted since it had not targeted any person for 55 consecutive days, said the officials.

Another reason for this decision was that several other tigers and leopards had been observed in this area, thus making it impossible to pin the killings on this particular tiger.

Talking to TOI, Parag Madhukar Dhakate, Chief Wildlife Warden said: “Four tigers and two leopards have been spotted in the range, therefore it is not right to say that one big cat may have made all the killings. Secondly, the tiger has not attacked any human being for a period of 55 days.”

However, the State’s Head of Forest Force, Vinod Kumar Singhal said efforts to tranquilise and capture the feline are underway and for this, 50 camera traps had been installed in the area to track it. The forest officials want to check the medical condition of the animal.

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