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Kerala developing Varkala beach  as tourist hotspot

Kerala's Varkala beach which has potential for heritage, medical, and spiritual tourism will be developed by Tourism Department (Pics. Courtesy Twitter/@RoopaMishra77)

To make Kerala as the preferred destination for tourists, both national and international, the State’s Tourism Department has decided to develop the full potential of Varkala. This beach which is also known as Papanasam beach is the only one in South Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea.

The department has roped in Kerala Tourism Infrastructure Ltd to study and prepare a master plan for comprehensive development of Varkala – a 9-km stretch from Aaliyirakkam to Kappil beach.

As per KTIL official this beach is an ecologically sensitive location and its development has to provide top priority to conservation. The beach can be developed for spiritual, heritage, nature and medical tourism.

Meanwhile the College of Engineering Trivandrum has already made a proposal for Varkala’s development which is being considered by KTIL. It focuses on providing a proper drainage system, designated parking areas, rain shelter, cloakrooms, and more seating areas.

Varkala Beach2
Shops and other establishments connected with tourism will be monitored by the authorities to make the stay of visitors comfortable

To ensure that there is no pollution, a sewage treatment plant will also be set up at the destination. With the aim of controlling improper disposal of waste, the department along with the District Tourism Promotion Council will take strict action. For this help from local bodies and police will also be taken. Besides, fine, trade licence of vendors will also be cancelled.

With the view to provide tourists comfort, toilet facilities will be upgraded and renovated. Those which have been left unused will be made functional.

Making trading and vending legal and proper, the department will conduct a survey. This will ensure that food outlets, adventure sports operators and homestays provide required facilities and are run properly, making Varkala a safe destination for visitors.