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Indo-American singer Subhi's animated video solution amid pandemic

Indo-American singer Subhi's animated video solution amid pandemic

Independent Indo-American musician Subhi came up with a smart alternative for the video of her new song, considering she could not shoot amid the pandemic.

For the video of her latest number "Aagosh", she has opted for an animated lyric video.

"Due to the pandemic, I did not shoot this song. Instead, I worked with a talented artist, Susmita Patel, who created the animated lyric video for 'Aagosh'. Creating an animated video is a great option especially at a time like this when we are trying to stay safe and maintain physical distance," she shared.

Speaking of "Aagosh", it is based on the concept of long distance relationships.

"A few years ago, I was living in Mumbai, working on a few music projects while the love of my life was in Chicago. It was one of the most difficult times in our relationship. At one point, we did not meet for three to four months at a stretch. It felt like we were beginning to drift apart. Fortunately, we came out of this long-distance phase stronger and closer. ‘Aagosh' is a song I wrote during those times. I acknowledged the insecurities I developed while being away from my partner. I remember the longing to be with him and wanting time to slow down when he was with me," she said.

Subhi added: "It was so special when we were together that the thought of going back to India without him used to haunt me. This song is about being in the embrace (aagosh) of the one you love and wanting to hold on to that one moment forever," she said.

"Today, due to Covid-19, many relationships are being tested. Many relationships have become long-distance relationships. I hope this song reminds people of the joy, comfort, and happiness of being in the embrace of their loved ones," she summed up..