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In a unique situation half a house is in Maharashtra while its other half is in Telangana

Four rooms of this house belonging to Uttam Pawar are in Telangana while the other four are in Maharashtra (Pic. Courtesy ANI)

Even as there is a raging controversy between Maharashtra and Karnataka over the border between the two states, news agency ANI has reported the case of a unique house in Maharajguda village, Chandrapur, that is spread across the border of Telangana and Maharashtra.

The owner of the house, Uttam Pawar, says his house has eight rooms, four of which are in Telangana while the other four are in Maharashtra. He is quite happy with the situation as his family gets benefits under various welfare schemes from governments of both the states.

“When the boundary was surveyed in 1969, we were told that half of our house is in Maharashtra while the other half in Telangana. We’ve not faced any troubles. We are paying taxes for both states’ gram panchayats and getting more benefits under the schemes of Telangana government,” added Pawar.