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Hyderabad sisters make father proud by earning Rs.10,000 as newspaper vendors

Prameela and Pavithra by helping their father in distribution of newspapers have set an example for other youngsters to follow (Pic. Courtesy news18.com)

Lending a helping hand to their father, two girls from Hyderabad have set an example for other youngsters to follow. The two girls are Prameela, who is 15-year-old and Pavithra, 13, both of whom work as newspaper delivery persons in the city’s Moti Nagar area.

Starting their day at 5 a.m. they distribute the newspapers till 8, following which Prameela heads for her college where she is studying in the Intermediate first year and Pavithra, a Class X student for her school.

Sharing details as to how these two girls started vending newspapers, their father Ram Das Nayak told news18.com, that last year during lockdown, he was unable to find delivery boys, and he had do the distribution work on his own. Seeing his plight, his daughters stepped in to help.

Impressed by their determination, Nayak three months ago bought a two-wheeler to ease their work of delivering more than 300 newspapers.

The two sisters told the media that their ambition is become police officers. Talking about their turning to delivery persons, Prameela said: “During the lockdown, my father landed in difficulties as he could not find delivery boys, then he asked Pravithra and me to deliver a newspaper, we both sisters were very thrilled to take this task."

Answering to the query as to the response of the people, Prameela said customers treat them as children and give them tips and sweets during special occasions.

The younger sibling, Pavithra feels that girls should not shy away from taking up work that makes them self-dependent. “We are the same as boys; any work can be taken up to become self-dependent."

Nayak disclosed that the girls manage to earn Rs.10,000 from newspaper vending while he works as salesperson in a shop in the city allowing them to manage to meet both ends.

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