Hyderabad’s women police officials celebrate Bathukamma festival in style


The Hyderabad Commissioner of Police inaugurating the Bathukamma festival

It was an occasion for the women police personnel of Hyderabad to don a different role and also attire. The occasion was the annual floral festival of Telangana – the Bathukamma -- , in which more than 1,000 women police personnel from different ranks participated actively in Hyderabad’s Petla Burj on October 11 (Monday).

On this occasion they not only participated in the festival but also celebrated it with various traditional folk songs, dressed up in colourful and traditional attire.

Among the dignitaries who attended this celebration was the Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Anjani Kumar along with several other officers.

The Commissioner inaugurated the Bathukamma festival celebration.

Kumar during the event spoke to news agency ANI and said: "Hyderabad city police celebrate Bathukamma festival on Monday. Bathukamma represents prosperity and happiness in the family. We are celebrating the festival with a lot of joy this year because last year we could not celebrate it due to the Covid-19 pandemic."

Kumar also took the opportunity to welcome all the new lady police officers and staff as they celebrated the festival for the first time in the city. He wished them a very happy and joyous celebration on this occasion.

The Additional Commissioner of Police, Crime and Special Investigation Team (SIT), Shikha Goel told the media that the women police officials were happy to be a part of the celebrations.

She said: "This is the festival of prosperity, togetherness and we are proud to have a large women force who have joined last year. We have 1,000 new entrants who have joined. We have also been joined by male officers which is the expression of solidarity and all are happy.”

During the 10 days of Dusshera, Bathukamma celebrations are held on all the days. Bathukamma means Goddess of Life and during these 10 days, women decorate a special pot with seasonal flowers, fill the pot with offerings to the Goddess, and go on a procession in the village.