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Falsely Accused Istanbul’s Metro Travelling Dog Boji Is Proved Innocent!

Accused of popping on the train, Boji, Istanbul's wonder dog proves his innocence

The darling of the Netizens world over Boji, the dog who loves to travel in bus, ferry and metro, came under spotlight when the canine was accused of pooping on the train.

A dog of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Boji has been often seen by commuters using the public transport service, as the canine travels in them. So popular he is, that he has Instagram and Twitter accounts too.

Last week, Boji was accused of defecating on a train seat and he came under fire for that on the Internet. A Twitter user posted an image of the poop lying on the seat and wrote: “The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s staff dog has dirtied the streetcar."

While many users felt that Boji had crossed all lines, there were also several who defended him. Like one user said: “Anyone who spends 2 hours with a dog knows that the animal will not defecate there,”

With the issue taking a serious turn on the social media, Ali Yeşilırmak, Boji’s instructor denied the allegations levelled against the dog on Twitter. Writing on Boji’s behalf, he disclosed that the dog was at the training centre all day. “I did not even step out of the centre to travel in Istanbul. Somebody put the poop on the tram and tried to put the blame on me. Shame on you.”

Following an investigation, it was found Boji was innocent and that he was being framed. Footage of the surveillance cameras revealed the poop was placed on the seat by a man. Shared now widely by Boji’s admirers one can see the person boarding the train, standing next to the gate he looks around and places the poop quietly on the seat.

The Municipality spokesperson Murat Ongun has shared this video clipping and stated that though Boji was alleged for pooping on the train, the cameras showed incredible images.

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