Boji the dog from Istanbul who commutes in bus, ferry and metro


Boji, who is a regular commuter in ferry, bus and metro in Istanbul, brings cheer to his fellow-commuters

If you are in Istanbul, Turkey, there is a good chance that you may spot Boji, a street dog, who has become a regular sight on ferries, buses and metro trains in Europe’s largest city. A devoted commuter, the dog enjoys long journeys on public transport, up to 30 kilometres, on a regular weekday.

Istanbul municipality officials who record the dog's trips with a microchip say he drops by at least 29 metro stations a day and was even tracked at sea, taking a weekend break to the Princes' Islands off the city's coast.

With golden-brown fur, dark eyes and floppy ears, Boji started to draw attention two months ago.

Aylin Erol from Metro Istanbul quoted in a Reuters report said: "We noticed a dog using our metros and trains and he knows where to go. He knows where to get out. It's like he has a purpose."

The data collected from Boji's tracking device reveals that historic tram lines are his favourite but he is also a frequent subway commuter. Erol said that the dog is a very disciplined commuter and observes and respects public transport rules and waits for disembarking passengers before hopping on the train.

He enjoys travelling on the middle part of a subway carriage, or boji in Turkish and thus the officials gave him this name.

Erol says Boji has brought colour into the mundane and routine lives of 1.3 million commuters of the Capital. Many click his pictures and share them on their social media. Boji’s own accounts have more than 50,000 followers.

"You take the train and, suddenly, you see Boji. And look at him. He lies, just like this. You just smile and catch the moment, really. This is what Boji evokes for Istanbulites. He also reminds us that we can still enjoy Istanbul as we rush about,” Erol summed rather beautifully.

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